Yesterday I was clicking through all the noise on social media, and I picked up on this new meme being discussed, the “bikini bridge.” I wrote a whole article on it in a couple hours and sent it off to Huff Po – and in the article I decried all of the objectifcation that is involved in ideas like the bikini bridge, the thigh gap, the muffin top, etc ad nauseum.

But I was also feeling fiery about comparison and fear in general. “The community of beauty” is an idea I have long advocated. It means that we reject competition and comparison and embrace beauty in all people. It means that we do not value ourselves less because we perceive beauty in others. It means that all human beings are equally worthy of being considered beautiful, and it means that we embrace our own unique manifestation of beauty, whatever that might be.

I felt so fiery I made a vlog. You may watch below. Many more vlogs on body love and how to achieve it are being uploaded to youtube as we speak. 🙂


More on the community of beauty in the kickass womanhood manifesto, Sexy by Nature.(!)  whoopah!
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