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Inching my head up out of the piles of books it has been under for the last two months, I am finding in myself a need to find myself before first moving forward. The best way to do that, so far as I can tell, is to recap the best things we’ve put out there and thought about over the last twelve months. Then we’ll do ’em again stronger and better, and build upon them with keener insights. In no particular order, then, my favorite posts are as follows.

1. Apparently I am sexier than Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and Scarlett Johansson

In this post, I rebel against the cultural norm of denying sexiness. It’s not particular good of me to condemn words out of celebrity’s mouths when they are just being humble – so I want to be clear that I do not condemn these women or their feelings at all, but rather the depressing reality about our culture these things indicate.

Moreover, of course sexiness is not the only thing that matters. Maybe it’s not even important to be sexy. But if you want to be, as I argue in the post, it is “a god damn right.”

2. Let’s Roar: On ladies, the universe, defiance, and dancing shoes.

Perhaps a bit melodramatically, but perhaps not, here I wax poetic on inherent beauty and on the service recognizing our own beauty does for the people around us.

The more you can step up and stop being afraid of what’s going on around you, and the more and more you can own and love your own unique manifestation of beauty, the more others are liberated to do the same.  It’s not a beauty contest.  It’s not a matter of looks.  It is a matter of inherent worth, of human loveliness, of appreciation for the delicate essence of each person within their own story lines.   You are a creature inherently worthy.  If you start owning that fact, you are advancing the grand scale liberation of humanity world wide.  I am not joking.  This is something human kind needs, and desperately.

3. The Estrogen Dominance Post: Where Its Coming From, and What to Do About It

In this post, I lay out the skinny on estrogen dominance – a problem that, to some degree or another – plagues as many as two thirds of American women.

4. If Reproduction is What Living’s All About, Why Does it Stop?

Why do we go through menopause? Is there an evolutionary advantage to being a grandmother? Turns out the answer is a resounding “hell yes.”

5. Food &Love Hack Friday: Who In Your Life Has an Eating Disorder? What Do You Do about It?

Responding to national eating disorder week, I ask the question – what can we do about disordered eating in ourselves and the lives around us?

6. Broken bodies, broken trust

In this post, I share my feelings and experiences regarding distrust in my own body in the wake of suffering intractable health problems. Visceral, honest, important.

7. Twelve apples a day… am I insulin resistant? What about the rest? LH, FSH, estrogen, tesotsterone?

At paleo fx, in a panel on women’s health, Nora Gedgaudus and I threw down against each other on the issue of whether or not carbohydrates were good, neutral, or detrimental to women’s health. I wrote this post somewhat in response to that.

8. The Invisible Demographic: Important, Respectable AND Sexy At Every Age?

Standing up for the sexiness and total importance of women of post-reproductive age. Hell yeah.

9. One week after the magnesium miracle: Ca/Mg balance, Epsom Salts, what happened to me, and how am I doing?

Magnesium supplementation did not fix me, but it was salvific for me in my darkest struggles. Women under stress need to be able to cope, and magnesium is a crucial component of that.

10. Acne: Thinking Beyond Hormones — a guest post from my most trusted acne expert Seppo Puusa

Seppo is brilliant on acne. Hormones are important. So is inflammation. And so are antioxidants. Seppo is always worth the read. Check him out at

11. Overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea and Low on Progesterone? Why Stress Reduction Might Be the Only Way to Hack It

Two similar posts on healing. How do you overcome conditions that arise out of stress? De-stress. Easier said than done, I know.

12. Let’s talk about cellulite and “overcoming” things

GoKaleo’s Amber Rogers and I got into a spitting match (or one only as violent as I am capable, which is to say, very lovingly) over what cellulite is and how women should relate to it. I was in the wrong I’d say at least 80 percent – I had discussed cellulite as something to be overcome with diet, and she argued back that it’s just a part of womanhood we need to accept. I honestly do not know if cellulite can be overcome. Seems to be theoretically possible at least to a small extent, but on the other hand, she’s eight million kinds of right. Let it go. The only reason we expect ourselves not to have it is photoshop. Period.

13. Announcing: Birth Control Unlocked (!!!!)

I wrote a new book on birth control. What types are available, and what are the risks and consequences and benefits of each? And how do you minimize hormonal damage? And go as smoothly as possible back to hormone balance when you cease using hormonal birth control? An important and incredibly overlooked issue.

Oh, and there was a feminist cat, of which I am eminently proud. That can be bonus # 14.



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