Are you a paleo fanatic looking to share the joy this holiday season?

Are you married to a paleo fanatic and have no idea what to get them?

Are you looking to get started on the right foot with your diet/lifestyle choices post-Christmas?

Well, look no further!

Below are our 2016 top picks for paleo gifts: great stocking stuffers and special presents that will show you care about your friends and family’s happiness AND their health!

Gift the Gift of Grass-Fed Meat

ButcherBox is our choice for antibiotic-free, grass fed and finished beef, chicken, and pork.  They’re subscription style service would make an AMAZING gift for a loved one who just can’t swing the expense of grass fed meat or for yourself!

They’ve recently committed to a few great changes including totally recyclable/biodegradable packaging and an extra pound of meat per box!

They even have chicken/pork only boxes if that’s your thang.

Find out more here

Give Snacks That Don’t Talk Back

And by talk back I mean make your stomach talk back.

I mean, what’s more embarrassing than the “I’m intolerant to this” stomach gurgle??

Avoid those moments of horror with paleo snacks that contain only the good stuff.

Stack the deck in your favor with some of these great stocking stuffers:

All My Favorite Snacks

Top Snacks for the Movies

The BEST Jerky and Fruit

Give Skin Care That Will Make You Glow (Naturally)

No weird chemical glows here.

Your skin responds just as much to diet as what products you let soak into it. 

Treat it well from the inside out and the outside in with these paleo beauty products. 

From deodorant (we all need it!) to face wash, toner, toothpaste and moisturizer, these beauty gifts will make your friends SWOON.

Beauty Products Roundup

Tips for Shiny, Beautiful Hair

Give the Gift of Self-Love

True beauty is more than skin deep and starts with full and total acceptance and love for ourselves!

In a hurting world what better gift to give than the gift of self love this holiday season?

My Favorite Self-Love Resources

Let it Out!

Starting the Path to Recovery and Discovery

An Introvert Night In

Sexy By Nature

Give a Great New Cookbook

What’s better for a paleo friend or someone new to paleo than the gift of a cookbook (and an accompanying dish to get them excited)?

The recipes and their cookbooks below are some of the best to come out this year!

Bacon Beef Liver Pate with Rosemary and Thyme (AIP)

Paleo Spicy Shrimp and Chorizo Soup

Paleo Carrot Cake Bars Recipe

Well Fed Weeknights

Eggplant Lasagna Recipe

Give the Gift of A New Start

Know someone battling PCOS who doesn’t know where to begin with nutrition advice?

Why not buy them PCOS Unlocked.  It contains everything they need to get started on their new journey.  Find it here. 

Know someone who wants to lose some weight for their health but struggles with typical weight loss programs?

 Weight Loss Unlocked is my unique program to help you lose weight and feel better while still loving yourself right where you are.  

It promotes a mindful eating approach that does away with the guilt and shame of typical weight loss programs.  Find it here. 

Want more great ideas?  Check out last year’s post on Gifts for Paleo Enthusiasts Here

What paleo gifts are you giving this Christmas?


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