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Have you heard of pairing tasks? I believe this was something Gretchin Rubin really discusses as a concept in her book, the Happiness Project. This is the idea that if you pair tasks together you are more likely to do both tasks, especially if you pair the task with something you are already doing daily. Think along the lines of brushing your teeth in the shower, or listening to your favorite podcast only when you work out.

This is a pretty solid way of developing and sticking to new habits. And we need to remember that consistency is key when it comes to maintaining our health. Today we are all about the 30-day challenges and cleanses, but it doesn’t affect us if we drop those habits after the 30-days. Hence the pairing of tasks to reinforce the habit and as a result, becoming a more effective way to change your behavior.

So! I have been trying to be very consistent about the supplements I put in my tea (Coffee works too, just not for me.) What happened was that I was getting to the end of the day and realizing I didn’t take any of the supplements or vitamins that I had promised myself I would squeeze in. So instead, I decided to pair them with another habit, drinking tea in the morning.

As a result, my tea became my one-stop-shop for healthy supplements. I was ensuring I was getting everything I needed at the start of the day versus trying to fit it in throughout my hectic days.

The supplements below are a few of my favorite supplements to put in my morning tea!


This is a give-in. We have talked about collagen a lot on the blog; this is a supplement that’s accessible and well rounded as far as supplements go. I put a scoop on my breakfast tea every morning; and wait for the glorious powder to sink in and refresh my skin making it like soft, supple and glow. Whenever I stop taking collagen for a period of time my joints seem to bear the effects the most. As soon as I incorporate it back into my diet the pain starts to wane.

Some of my current faves are:

Further Foods Collagen Peptides – Get 10% off with this link

Vital Proteins

Perfect Keto

MCT Powder

So I recently have written a lot about MCT oil on the blog including basically an MCT 101 course. I wished for a long time that MCT’s could come in a different format; the oil version gets all over my mugs and makes me break out around the mouth because it literally gets everywhere.

WELL GUESS WHAT! The universe listened! Perfect Ketones is now making powdered MCT that lacks the messiness of the oil but has all the same great properties of regular MCT oil. Check it out here.

Still on the fence about integrating MCT in your diet? Learn why and how it could benefit you, here.

Turmeric Superfood Powder

This blend of superfood ingredients like turmeric, cloves, and ginger to name a food comes in a powder form that you can scope into any beverage you would like. The taste of this powder is very reminiscent of chai tea; I imagine the test would pair well with coffee. Check out the full benefits of their ingredients below. Click this link to purchase it at 10% off. Top 6 supplements to put in your coffee


Plain old cinnamon! This anti-inflammatory spice is one I have incorporated in my diet for a long time. I love the taste of cinnamon anytime or any day; it reminds me of fall so much and I get transported every time I consume it. There are tons of antioxidants in this spice, and it has antifungal properties, cognitive improvement associated with its use, assists with the common cold and is suspected of being able to lower triglycerides.

Powdered Probiotics

This was also a game changer for me. I normally eat raw sauerkraut or kimchi, but there are days where I just cannot eat enough that my gut needs to be healthy. Also the fact that they make probiotics in powdered form these days is insane on its own accord. Check out this one.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Supplements

You may have heard of this company because they are featured as a sponsor on our podcast. I want to reiterate that the companies we have on as sponsors are only sponsors because we approve of what they are doing as a company, not for the money.

Four Sigmatic a well-known medicinal mushroom company. They offer drinking mushrooms that come in the form of elixirs, hot cocoa mix, coffee, superfood blend and matcha. (So you can add it to your coffee or tea, or drink their versions of coffee or tea. There are a variety of different mushrooms to choose from based on what you struggle with. There is Reishi for relaxation, Chaga for overall wellness, Cordyceps for energy and Lion’s Mane for productivity.

My fave is the superfood blend because you get all of the mushroom species in one blend.

Mix it all up and sip away, loves! Nothing is better than starting your day with a cup of tea or coffee. When you add your supplements in the morning you know you are starting your day on the right foot, taking care of your body and mind at the same time.

Enjoy! <3


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