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I don’t have a grill, but believe me –  wish I did. I usually make friends with those that have grills so I can partake in summer patio parties with all things summer, grilled pineapple, pool floaties, and all the kabobs.

Kabobs are the best because pretty often they’re paleo and people don’t even know it! And the combination of kabob types is basically endless. Got a few veggies? Toss them in avocado oil, skewer them, and throw those bad boys on the grill. I can guarantee 99% of the time whatever you put on the skewer it will taste good.

People have been getting really creative with their kabob recipes these days too. It reminds me of those ridiculous bloody marys that have cheeseburgers and bricks of cheese as garnishes. People will try ANYTHING.

Which I am definitely not mad about.

Now, I know there may be some grill masters out there that have all the best kabob recipes already. To which I say, can I come over?

Lol KIDDING but not really.

Summer can be sticky and hot and cooking in a small kitchen is the worst. All the sweat rolls down my face and by the time the food is ready I’m so hot I don’t even want to eat it anymore.

In comes grilling. And kabobs. But also! Another fave summer staple I have is tossed veggies in an avocado or olive oil vinaigrette.

Chopping up a few cucumbers and tomatoes and drizzling with avocado oil, salt and pepper and maybe throw some onion in there. And now you have a refreshing cool salad to go with your delicious kabobs.

You can find me at the library, wishing I was on a patio eating kabobs and salads in the sunshine. In the meantime, here’s some of my fave salad and kabob recipes.

My Fave Kabobs:

1. Paleo Kofta Kabobs :

Although I always feel slightly torn about eating lamb, I am a sucker for this delicious red meat. This recipe also comes with a lemon tahini sauce, so between the lamb and the tahini this kabob makes the list, obviously! ChihYu has some great technical tips regarding the best way to cook these Paleo Kofta Kabobs too. Get the recipe here.

Paleo For Women Kabobs

2. Brussel Sprout Kabobs

Not everyone loves meat on their kabobs, but I usually have a hard time finding those that don’t like a crispy brussel sprouts. These are easy to make and are a great side to any other grilled deliciousness you may be making. Get the recipe here.

Paleo For Women Kabobs


























3. Paleo Chipotle Lime and Chicken Kabobs

These kabobs are a colorful savory combination of goodness. The pineapple pairs seamlessly with the chipotle and lime to capture what summer tastes like, in kabob form. Get the recipe here.

   Paleo For Women Kabobs

4. Paleo Veggie Kabobs for my vegetarian homies

This is another great veggie option for kabobs, simple yet delicious. And anything served on a skewer is going to have minimal clean-up, and most likely you will be using less plates if you are sticking to kabobs. So not only are they delicious, but you are minimizing your output of waste slightly! Get the recipe here.

 Paleo For Women Kabobs


5. Bloody Mary Steak Kabobs – I wasn’t kidding!

So all excessive bloody mary jokes aside, this kabob is #100. If you don’t feel like catching a buzz by including vodka and tomato juice, no fear! You can still have the same savory amazingness that is a bloody mary, but in kabob form. Get the recipe here.

 Paleo For Women Kabobs

My fave avocado oil to use on these recipes is this avocado oil, or you can use this olive oil. The quality is substantial and the company sources straight out of Mexico for the best product with the least amount of middle men.

They also offer an avocado oil subscription box type deal. So if you are in to not having to buy your avocado oil at the store each month, and would rather get it delivered straight to your door, I definitely recommend checking this out.

Happy summer loves!

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