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he founder of Health to Empower, Stefani, once went through horrible health problems. Because she had a background in the biological sciences, she was able to solve them by taking deep dives into medical literature.

Stefani is the author of Sexy by Nature, the co-author of Coconuts and Kettlebells, and the twice-monthly co-host of The Well-fed Women podcast.

Stefani has conducted in-depth research and personal experimentation on a few key topics:

  • Skin Health
  • Hormone Health
  • Weight Management
  • Self Love & Empowerment




P O W E R 


Sexy by Nature

Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Guide to Radiant Health, Lifelong Sex Appeal, and Soaring Confidence was Stefani’s first book. Born of Stefani’s lifelong struggle to be healthy and love the skin she’s in, the book is half nerdy detail about women’s nutrition, half self-love manifesto.

Coconuts & Kettlebells

Coconuts and Kettlebells: A Personalised 4-Week Food and Fitness Plan for Long-Term Health, Happiness, and Freedom gives you everything you need for your health journey. Noelle Tarr and Stefani jam pack this book with a guide to figure out which foods are best for you, meal plans, more than 75 recipes, and three fitness plans – all suited to your needs.


PCOS Unlocked: The Manual is Stefani’s guide to all things PCOS. The problem with treating PCOS is that it’s usually talked about like everybody is the same – but you’re unique. Use this guide to figure out your own PCOS type and healing needs. Learn more.

Stefani struggled with maintaining a healthy weight her whole life. She’s done every diet on the planet. She could never keep weight off – and definitely not be happy at the same time. Finally she found some answers – and they’re here in Weight Loss Unlocked. Learn more.

When Stefani developed health conditions that impacted her hormones, her skin qualify suffered a lotStefani figured out how to heal it from the inside out: with smart supplementation, dietary changes, and hormone re-balancing. Does that sound right for you? Learn more.



Stefani suffered from horrible cystic acne for several years as a result of poor diet and poor health. She finally figured out how to solve it. You can read blog posts about acne and some of Stefani’s favourite resources listed on this page

But good skin isn’t just made from the inside out. Learn about the specific products Stefani uses to keep her skin radiant here.  The amazing thing about these products is they also keep her safe, enhancing her hormone health on a whole other level.


In 2009, Stefani was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormone condition that affects tens of millions of women in America alone. It causes oily skin, acne, facial hair growth, balding, low libido, poor sleep, mental health issues, weight management difficulties, and infertility. After years of research Stefani figured out that the medical establishment tends to radically over-simplify PCOS. So Stefani came up with a three part typology – type I, type II, and type III PCOS – that helps women figure out what specific approach they need to solve their PCOS. Read blog posts about PCOS and other fertility conditions Stefani learned about here. 


.Stefani spent her entire life dieting. She tried everything. She was constantly hungry, trying to eat fewer than 1200 calories a day… and always failing. After many years of study, Stefani learned that the key to healthy weight maintenance isn’t dieting harder. It’s eating smarter. Learn how to listen to your natural appetite cues, figure out which foods are right for you, and learn how Stefani has finally put obsessing over her weight in her past in these blog posts. Check out the program Weight Loss Unlocked (derived from Stefani’s time as the “leading expert on the paleo diet for women’s health”) here.


Stefani has been called by Olympic gold medalist Taylor Ritzel “a genius and a leading thinker when it comes to the empowerment of the female mindset and body.” Stefani believes in giving life everything you’ve got, and she knows how to help you do it. Head to this page to find a list of blog posts meant to help you love your body, love your self, and develop soaring confidence. Check out Sexy by Nature (above), for the manifesto in book form. Head to the Insta for inspiring posts and stories.


Over the course of seven years of research and blogging, Stefani has produced several hundred blog posts for Health to Empower. Here are some of the most popular and helpful ones.




Join Noelle Tarr, expert guests, and Stefani (twice monthly) for unfiltered conversations about health, fitness, nutrition, body image, and being a woman in the modern world.

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