Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry are arguably my favorite people in the paleo health scene. Big Words, I know. High praise. Is it a hyperbolic statement? I don’t know. They are no-nonsense, loving, hilarious, strong people (with a family of five!). And every product I have ever seen them produce has been beautiful and beyond bad ass.

I was also so shocked to hear about their plans for the new e-book they just released Three Phase Paleo. They had just finished the cookbook Beyond Bacon (after Eat Like A Dinosaurand I thought perhaps maybe they might consider taking a bit of a break.

Did they?


And thus this complete, thorough, fun, delicious book was born.

Three Phase Paleo describes three phases of beginning the paleo diet: Swap, remove, and heal. The premise appears simple at first glance: swap out the worst toxic offenders — mostly gluten, refined sugars, and processed foods — in your diet and pantry for healthy alternatives; remove the rest of the food toxins, grains, legumes, diary; then add in foods that support and may even be necessary for healing.

I say this is simple at first glance because I know a lot of science, research, and personal experience drives this approach. Stacy’s own autoimmune healing was done in precisely this fashion.

In the paleosphere, we tend to focus on what needs to be eliminated. This is important. Don’t get me wrong. It is critical to remove gut irritating foods and inflammatory foods from your diet in order to heal. But there is a hefty amount of research that shows, and Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Approach does an excellent job explicating it, that instead of the traditional wisdom that autoimmunity causes micronutrient deficiencies, it may in fact be micronutrient deficiencies that cause autoimmune disease.

So the paleo diet should be just as much about what you add as it is about what you remove. This is something Three Phase Paleo is great for — and this is aside from being an approachable guide with beautiful photos, several dozen delectable recipes, and incredibly detailed shopping swap guides (including information on different kinds of markets like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and standard supermarkets like the Meijer we have in Michigan or Star Market in Massachusetts).

In my opinion, because Three Phase Paleo does all the right stuff about thinking about both elimination and addition, this makes it one of the most stellar introductions out there. Good for introducing you to the topic – not overwhelming by a long shot – good for helping you with logistical needs – good for supporting your health – good for giving you the world’s best food porn and easy to make recipes. There is a particularly strong focus on nutrient-dense foods that heal, like Bone Broth, which are the one’s that Stacy credits with her own recovery.

So anyway. If you’re looking for a paleo guide you could perhaps not do any better. A beautiful book, with beautiful ideas, by some beautiful people.

Five stars.

Read more about it and purchase @ here (!) Looking for more than an eBook? Matt and Stacy turned Three Phase Paleo into a hardcover cookbook as well, available @ Amazon!


Image straight out of the book – credit (obvs) to Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry. 

Same goes to the featured photo for the post.


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