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Vitamin D

Stuck indoors with work or kids? Live in a cloudy place? Love sleeves? Everybody needs vitamin D. The best way to make sure you get enough is to take an emulsified form with some co-active vitamin K.


The majority of people are deficient in magnesium, but it’s one of the most important nutrients. One of its main functions is helping cells relax. This formulation is particularly awesome because it contains magnesium threonate – Stefani’s personal favourite – because it’s the only form of magnesium demonstrated in animal studies to cross the blood brain barrier.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which perform tons of great functions for your health, including reducing inflammation and enhancing skin quality. One cup a day can go miles.


Grass-fed Beef Sticks

Busy human? On the go? Want some nourishing snacks from ethically raised animals? You can hardly do better than grass-fed beef sticks.


Seaweed can get you so many nutrients you might otherwise miss! Including the very important nutrients iodine and selenium – crucial for happy thyroid health. There are flashier snack packs, but we like these because they have less packaging and more seaweed – a bonus for you and a bonus for the planet.


Having a healthy gut bacteria population is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, metabolism, gut health, and more. Fermented foods like kimchi are one of the best ways to do it. Make sure to get a brand like this one where it’s guaranteed fermented.

topical skincare amazingness


Interested in smooth, firm, radiant skin as you age? I personally use every single step of this amazing regimen formulated with safe and effective products everyer single day. Read more about it here.

Flawless in five

You’re beautiful without make up, but do you like spoofing up quickly before heading out the door? I know I’m lovely, but I personally love to take ten very quick minutes to give my face the boost it deserves. Check out the flawless in five, Beautycounter’s discounted set designed to get you an amazing, natural look in five minutes flat.

skin from the inside out

Bone broth

Our skincare secret is this: eat skin and bones. Why? Because skin and bones have the nutrients to need to make your own. Collagen production declines rapidly after your late 20s, so you gottam ake sure you get it another way!

Collagen Peptides

Not into bone broth? Get in some collagen peptides and pop them in your favourite hot drinks! 


Daring Greatly

Classic and important. Being strong isn’t about hiding from the world. Being strong is about opening yourself to experiences of vulernability, connection, growth, and change. 


Another classic. A journey of losing yourself so you can find yourself. Also a beautiful meditation on the relationships between mothers and daughters.

We Should All be Feminists

Ever heard that feminism is for man haters? Not so. This book is a powerful and important introduction to why feminism matters and is good for everybody.

and so much more…

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