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Y’all! I have been counting down to this day since Noelle and I decided to embark on this crazy journey that is writing book. In addition to writing this BADASS BOOK, Noelle and I have also been working on some killer bonuses for everyone who pre-orders the new book, Coconuts and Kettlebells. The pre-order bonus package contains content that isn’t included anywhere in the book. It’s sort of like Coconuts and Kettlebells 2.0—an extra chapter, audio file, and bonus workouts, all of which are additional resources to help you pursue health in a way that is right for your body.

We also want to show a little love to all of you amazing listeners and readers who decide to pre-order the book! We put a lot of sweat, tears & love into this project, so it means a lot to us that we can finally share our co-parented child with you! This little bonus package really sweetens the deal and makes the book (already amazing) even more amazing (so, amazing enough for you).

And, we’d also be really grateful if you pre-ordered the book — this gets us one step closer to being bestsellers and therefore able to reach so many more people. And also bestsellers, did I mention that part yet?

So basically, everybody wins. You get the book early with sweet, exclusive material that will not be available anywhere else, AND you get to help us spread the word about our philosophy and projects!

So what’s it all entail?! 

For the bonus chapter and audio file, we decided to dive deeper into popular topics that we get a lot of questions about. These topics are discussed with the understanding that everyone has different needs, and there is no one diet (or body size) that is right for everyone. The pre-order bonus package includes:

1. Bonus Chapter: Losing Weight While Remaining Well-Fed

In this bonus chapter, we offer guidance for people who may be struggling with weight loss. You’ll learn about the most common reasons women experience weight loss resistance, and the best ways to support the body’s metabolism. You’ll also learn how to facilitate the appropriate mindset when pursuing weight loss goals, and the most common pitfalls, including the wagon mentality, the shame cycle, and associating your worth with what you eat or the size of your waistline.

2. 5 Bonus Workouts

In addition to the 24 workouts in Coconuts and Kettlebells, you’ll get access to five bonus workouts—all of which can be done from home or on the go. So basically you’re getting 29 different work-outs total, enough to absolutely keep your work-outs fun and interesting!

3. Audio Recording: Finding the Macronutrient Ratio That’s Right For You

Should you eat low carb? High carb? What if you’re an athlete? Or breastfeeding? Macronutrients are a hot (and complex) topic right now. We give you an hour of glorious Noelle and Stef talk on how to find the macronutrient ratio that is right for you. We also answers questions from the community related to the topic.

4. Discounts with Partner Brands

You’ll get access to special discounts and promotions with our favorite brand partners, including Thrive Market, Morrocco Method, Four Sigmatic, and Kettle & Fire.


To get the Pre-Order Bonus Package:

1. Get the book! Pre-order a copy of Coconuts and Kettlebells anywhere books are sold, including AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks-A-MillonGoogle PlayIndieBound, or iBooks. Make sure to do this before August 7, 2018! Whether you pre-ordered the book months ago or pre-order it today, it all counts!

2. Send your purchase confirmation to this email. Simply forward us your purchase confirmation or take a screen shot and send us the photo.

3. We’ll confirm your pre-order and send you an email with instructions on how to get your goodies.Be sure to check your spam filter (or Promotions tab).

When you pre-order the book, it helps us tremendously. The more pre-orders we have, the more the industry sees the book as noteworthy. This gives us a better chance of being on best-sellers list(s), which will get the book in front of more people. We want our message to spread like wildfire. We want to grab people who are deeply rooted in restrictive eating and diet culture, and show them a completely different way to health.

We wouldn’t have this opportunity without you, so thank you for supporting us and making this possible. We can’t wait to get the book in your hands!

You’re lovely and thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!!!

<3 Stef

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