PCOS Unlocked Excerpt


You’ve got at your fingertips a FREE excerpt of my internationally acclaimed program for overcoming PCOS, PCOS Unlocked: The Manual.

I wanted this excerpt to be able to help you, so I chose to include TWO THINGS from the program:

1) The section on “alternative treatments” such as supplements and drugs, which contains information I’ve never shared before on the blog, and 2) a neat little supplement I added to the program called the “PCOS Typing Flowchart” which helps you figure out which type of PCOS you have!

The more you know, the better prepared you are to overcome PCOS, for good!

Also included in this manual is detailed information on the  three types of PCOS, a step by step guide to figuring out which type you have, and the specific steps you can take to start overcoming PCOS right now. 

Download your free excerpts here:

Alternative Treatments Excerpt and PCOS Typing Flow Chart

To get the step-by-step plan, read more about what’s included in the manual, and take the program out for a test run, 100% risk free, check it out here:


Thank you so much, and have so much fun! Please be in touch on insta, on facebook (ask a question on FB live every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST!), or wherever you like! Grab the links for the media below.

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