My publicist has insisted that youtube carries a whole world full of untapped lady-body-lovers, and that it is my lady empowerment duty to reach out to them. “Why not make videos about body image?” She asked.  She was surprised when I recoiled in horror. “But… but that would take so much work. And no one would watch. And…yikes!

I was nervous about undertaking yet another new thing. New things give me anxiety like you would never believe. (Well, perhaps you would.) I was not an expert in film making and I knew it was going to be a battle to get ‘er done.

It was. Lighting and camera position and editing and uploading was a nightmare.

Nonetheless, Susan was right. I made the video and am so glad I did. There will be a whole series of vlogs forthcoming. It’s fun. And I think I get to convey to you more easily in a vlog just how… egregiously…or absurdly… I care.

I really. really. really care.

Thus I bring you 10 Reasons to Love your Body.

I don’t want to give these reasons away–they’re really good ones–but let it stand as a teaser trailer that these are the precise tools I use in order to feel positively about my own body, my own bigger body, every single day.

Especiallreason number 4.

God, do I ever love reason number 4.

Like what I have to say about why to love your body? My book has all the ways to love your body with a nourishing, real food diet.

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