Hey ladies hey!

You’ll never guess who’s birthday it is today!

It’s not MINE…

It’s not Noelle’s…

It’s not Paleo for Women’s…

It’s not My MOM’s…

(I have no run out of important people in my life to list)

It’s Sexy by Nature’s!

Sexy by Nature – in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last 365 days – is my best-selling book on all things paleo, all things women’s health, and all thing’s rockin’ self-love and sexy confidence.

It’s this one:



And BOY what a year it’s been!

To celebrate the book, I am GIVING AWAY ALL THE THINGS in an awesome package of some of my all time favorite paleo foods from my all time favorite paleo companies.

They are:

1. Wholly Pops

Wholly Pops makes my list of favorite paleo companies because, frankly, I love their product. Wholly Pops are popsicles, but they’re not your every day popsicle. They are somtimes perfectly reminiscent of cherry popsicles of my youth, but other times are rich, creamy concoctions of avocadoes and coconut and earthy paleo flavors. They do paleo dessert just as deliciously but in fact a fair bit more healthfully than other paleo desserts (cookies, granolas, etc).

The winner will receive a $25 value mixed pack of Wholly Pops, plus an awesome Wholly Pops T.

(More awesome from Wholly Pops – this is from the owner Carolina: “I made Wholly Pops because as a mom I wanted to give my kids the BEST chance to thrive and to be everything they are here to be. I want that for you, too. I believe life is meant to be LIVED. Completely! And I know you don’t have to sacrifice great taste in the name of health. I made Wholly Pops Paleo because I follow a Paleo lifestyle for optimal health and energy.  Go grab a Wholly Pop and take on the world!”)

2. Simple Squares

The winner will get a $30 mixed box of the two newest and most exciting Simple Squares flavors, Chili Pepper and Cho-choco. Simple Squares are savory-sweet, organic, and highly nutritious snack bars flavored by honey, vanilla, and herbs. Simple squares are:

–Gluten Free
–Raw + Certified Paleo
–High in Protein; Low in sugar + sodium
–Good source of fiber
–Healthy herbal infusions
–No wheat, dairy, corn, soy
–Sustainable source of energy
–No refined sugars, brown rice syrup or agave




3. Well Food Co.

Well Food Co. is going to throw together their ultimate giveaway package for us. As a winner you’ll receive their out-of-this-world amazing jerky packs and treats (including COOKIES).

Well Food Co is my person go-to for grass-fed, organic beef jerky. Paleo Snax, which I chow down on every single Paleo Fx without fail, are a combination of jerky, nuts (soooo many macadamias) and fruit (MANGO). They are the BEST and absolutely perfect for my travel needs. They also make high quality grass-fed whey and protein powders and bars. Pure, well-sourced, no additives… this stellar new paleo company by John and Kate Welbourn just makes my heart sing.


And last but not least…

4. Wholly Bites

(NOT the same as Wholly Pops! 🙂 ) Wholly Bites makes these amazing little snack nuggets that are gluten-free, organic, dairy-free treats, made with nuts, seeds, fruits and superfoods. They’re similar to granola clusters but made of organic coconut chips, fruits, nuts, seeds, pure honey, and chia, hemp, and cacao nibs. The result is a super rich, amazing treat a little like granola, a little like a macaroon, and a whole lot like something you can eat all day long.




Entry Details

There are TWO WAYS to enter.

1) Purchase a copy of Sexy by Nature on Amazon. Simply email paleoforwomenteam@gmail.com with proof of receipt (you can forward the purchase email or a photo of a receipt).

Or #2, which is MY FAVORITE:

2) Leave a review of Sexy by Nature on the Amazon page (simply scroll to the bottom of the page where the reviews are and click the little button the left hand side of the page that said “leave a review”). Then send an email to paleoforwomenteam@gmail.com with the name you used for your review.

Do either or both of these things in the next FOURTEEN days (but really RIGHT NOW would be awesome), and you’ll be entered to win the Kickass Paleo for Women Prize Pack.

Plus in doing so – if you leave a review – you’ll be helping us reach more women with our powerful message! The more reviews a book has, the better reach it has. So go get at it, please for my sake, and the sake of improving women’s health and self-love everywhere!

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout this past year, community. I really couldn’t have done any of this without you, and my heart literally bursts with love and gratitude.

Now go out and get winning! 🙂

My Big Once A Year Giveaway - Paleo for Women


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