LADIES! Today is the day!

Cut the ribbon! Loose the sails! Get ready, on your mark…


Sexy by Nature is on shelves and we are going to do some hella powerful things for women all over the world.

Haven’t ordered it yet? No worries! It’s available on Amazon – though it’s current 27 percent off sale will only last as long as the Amazon gods permit.

(If you happen to have your hands on a copy or simply want to jump the gun, reviews @ the page @ Amazon are  the most important thing we can do as a community to help convince the book gods that this is one worthy of attention…. and I am almost certain that it is. 🙂 )

Not convinced it’s a good buy? Check out early reviews byJason Seib (“Stefani is a voice of reason in what sometimes feels like a desert of books offering “just another diet”) Heather Spergel  (“I was hugging the book to my chest in appreciation”) and Kaila Prins (“I think this might be the first and last nutrition book you’ll ever need.”)

And to be a showy ass for just another second or two, Taylor Ritzel, 2012 Gold Medalist, calls me a genius on the back cover, and Robb, “one of the fiercest and most learned advocates of women’s health.”

Want to read a bit more about it? Check out a Q&A here or read most of the introduction here.

See a video preview? Here.

A guy? Trust me, you can still love the shit out of this book.


SO. In celebration this is so joyous event, I am going to share with you ten reasons I am a sexy human being.

Sexy by Nature is all about physical healing tools – overcoming acne, infertility, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, menopause symptoms, and more – but it is also about psychological healing tools. You need not just the right foods, but you need to relate to the foods and to your body in the healthiest way possible.
Sexy by Nature is all about sexiness. It’s about the place that being sexy has in your life, and how you can change your thoughts about sexiness and yourself in order to become a more physically and psychologically well human being.

In Sexy by Nature, I define being sexy as “an attitude.”

As “empowerment.”

And as “excitement to be in the skin you’re in.”

Sexiness isn’t an hourglass figure. It isn’t a measurement. It isn’t a dress size. Because none of those things say a damn lick about how you feel in your own skin as a natural body, about how excited you are to be you and to be on a journey to greater health and wellness.

Sexiness is about being a woman who is alive and who is embodied in her own self. It’s about being someone true to her self, someone who is free to love herself and the world because she is a forgiving, compassionate, proud ally of her body and its needs.



1) I used to pinch my abdominal fat every morning first thing when I woke up, and now I don’t do it as often.

2) I believe in the powers of courage and love and challenge myself to live more fully into them every day.

3) I am a dancer.

4) I have passion and excitement for living life beautifully and meaningfully and try to share it with people.

5) I try really, really hard to be a good person, even though I am so incredibly far from where I’d like to be.

6) I appreciate what is female about my body and what my body needs in order to be healthy – so I feed her when she is hungry and stop when she is full. I am not at war with my body. I do my best to listen, and am her partner.

7) I am a super super super nerd – the kind of nerd that is still nerdy enough to not be cool. I know the names of and can identify on sight all 150 of the original Pokemon. Oddish is obviously the cutest.

8) I recently “failed”  in life, big time. I do not hate myself for that fact. I don’t even hate the world that much. I am a human being.

9) And I am worthwhile.

I am worthwhile.

I am worthwhile.

10) And that is mostly why I am sexy. Because sexiness is a damnit-all-to-hell right, and I have rights.

Ihave accepted and come to love and take pride in being me, uniquely. I am worthy of sexual and romantic feelings, and for that I feel sexy… often.

And am sexy. Worthy of sexy. Worthy of confidence. Worthy of love.

I have learned to feel this way more and more over time.

And I really, very, so very much hope that you do, too.


What makes you a sexy woman? What do you think sexy is? Do you think it has more to do with what people think or with how you feel? All answers are awesome – I want your feedback and a discussion.

Thank you, ladies, for everything.




Candy Horvath!

Congratulations, Candy!!!!


Don’t forget – book’s on Amazon! And leave a review whenever you’re ready!

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