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As the weather gets colder and preps us for the holiday season, it becomes easier and easier to stay indoors. In my home state of Michigan, we typically get brutally cold winters accompanied with ice and snow, which I definitely avoided as much as possible when I could. I love exercising outside so much, and not being able to partake in the same activities in the winter month really messes with me. I have a sneaking suspicion this could contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder too. So what are the best winter fitness tips to keep us happy and fit through the colder months?

This year I am going to try hard to continue to move my body in ways I don’t hate (read: hours on end on the treadmill or elliptical). I have made it my mission to try different interesting new exercise classes to see if I find anything I like. For instance, did you know that dancing classes are offered year round? Check out my whole bucket list of interesting indoor activities for staying fit this winter, below!

1) Acro Yoga

I have been told this is a combination of Pilates, acrobatics, dancing, and yoga. If anything, I know it makes a great Instagram photo opportunity from what I have seen. To be honest, I love dancing and the feeling of being weightless and the movement surrounding that, which is why I wanted to try this. A lot of the moves are partner based, resulting in a great way to get your social interaction and indoor exercise all in one.

2) Rock Climbing

I was always a tree climber as a kid, and I wish this transitioned more easily as an adult. The idea of taking on a rock climbing gym is slightly intimidating, it has a CrossFit clique aura around it. Not to mention the equipment, where do I even start? However, my love of climbing and primal desire to get back into this sport are stronger than my fear of rock climbing gym hipsters. I will conquer my fear!

3) Tai Chi 

This long-standing tradition of slow and controlled movements has roots that extend back centuries. I have seen a lot of almost miraculous injuries healed from the power of Tai Chi, and I know this practice is used commonly amongst those that struggle with chronic pain or depression and anxiety. The slow pace does intimidate me, but the patience and strength required for this practice is something I want to learn.

4) Naked Yoga 

Yep, I went there. This practice is something where you need to find a legitimate and qualified studio to practice. It’s probably like a nude beach when you first try it, the awkwardness and trying not to look at everyone. I really would like to become in tune with my body and practice only in this form. I am also hoping the movements won’t be too strenuous, because sometimes sports bras are necessary.

5) Forza

Looking for a combination of self-defense and a workout in one class? Look no further than forza. In this exercise class you use an imitation samurai sword to imitate movements used by traditional samurais. I want to take this class because not only does it sound badass, but you know wielding a large sword like a samurai takes patience, skill and finesse. Definitely looking forward to this class!

6) Silk Yoga

With silk yoga, think of the acrobatic goddesses in cirque de olel that manage to dance in an ethereal manner with only hanging pieces of silk strands. The relationship between the person and the silk is whimsical to watch. I can only imagine how much body strength it takes to lift and lower your body into positions like that. It seems like it would take the same strength as rope climbing, yoga, and pole dancing all in one. Which brings me to my next class…

7) Pole or Burlesque Dancing

These classes were made popular a few years back. A lot of people thought these classes were controversially and objective to women, but the more I learn about them the more empowering they seem to women. This is one of those classes that allows you to bridge the brain body barrier and become in touch with your strength and your sensuality all at once. From those I know who have taken these classes, they see an immediate surge in self-confidence by partaking. These are a beautiful way to become in-touch with your feminine energy.

So these are the most appealing classes to me, what about you? Do any of these strike your fancy? Do you have any interesting classes near you that you are thinking about taking? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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