Grass fed meat is an important part of the paleo lifestyle and many of us make a big effort to eat as much of it as we possibly can.

But grass fed meat is not always easy to come by, nor is it easy to afford.

Enter Butcher Box.

SO many of my readers have now become big fans and loyal subscribers to Butcher Box’s pioneering subscription-style meat delivery service.

They make grass fed affordable and simple and can do boxes in beef, pork, and chicken.

But over time I’ve heard from some of you with some minor beefs (pun intended).

You guys were really excited about the idea but wished there was a bit more meat in each box.

You also wished they would use less plastic packaging so that you didn’t feel like a blight on the environment.

I heard you!

Butcher Box did too!

So they’ve made some great changes to their boxes the meet your needs!

Boxes now come with only biodegradable packaging and instead of a Styrofoam box to keep things cool, meat is packaged in a large reusable tote bag! (It’s really cute btw and great for picnics!)

Boxes also now come with an average of a WHOLE POUND of meat more per box for the same price!

Possibly best of all, there is now a pork and chicken ONLY box option if you’re just not feelin’ beef that month!

Butcherbox delivers right to your door, so its a great option for those of you who live far away from an available source of grass fed meat.

And the variety of cuts is awesome!

I’ve tried some great new cuts with this service and my readers who use Butcherbox love the included recipes.

A box of meat or even a subscription would make an AMAZING gift for anyone trying to go paleo in the new year and it would be something nice to do for yourself after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

Use this link to learn more and order from Butcherbox!  You’ll get FREE BACON added to your box just for signing up through us!  Get more on Butcher Box here!


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