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Hi darling community! 🙂

I am super, so overwhelmingly over the top excited to share with you the fact that my new podcast – the culmination of decades of work in philosophy, religion, and science – is now LIVE.

If you haven’t heard much about it yet, this is the gist:

When I was a kid – 4 years old – I began having panic attacks about dying. I asked my mother what happened when you died and she said “I don’t know.” I said, “How do you find out?” She said, “You’ll have to ask a philosopher.”

26 years later and by some incredible stroke of good luck I have become that philosopher.

This podcast, which I have lovingly and perhaps a hair too boldly called The Meaning of Everything, is an attempt to revitalize and make fun and deeply relevant discussions about our biggest questions and problems. Who are we? How do we be the best versions of ourselves? How do we think about our world and each other? How do we transform our lives and our communities for the better?

I wrote a little snippet for my friends on Facebook – this is what it said:

If you haven’t heard much about it yet, here’s the list of goals: to make nuanced thinking and philosophy sexy again, to help you make sense of things and solve your existential crises, to open up your world with new ideas and perspectives, to explore our collective weaknesses and strengths and dig deep into the humanness of it all, to share and create beauty, to push back against old and harmful dogmas and ideas, and to radically transform the way we think about our world and relate to one another.

I am here basically to blow shit up and make it magnificent.

If that sounds at all interesting to you – or if you’d like to support me even though it’s not interesting to you! – you can find this podcast pretty much anywhere podcasts are found. Here are some relevant links:



Youtube (You can look at my face!)

My personal website (which, by the way, I love a lot, and would really appreciate if you checked it out and let me know what you thought).

Of course, as I am always saying to you on the Well-Fed Women podcast, there are two things you could do that would help me enormously:

1) Subscribe or follow on whatever medium you choose. This helps you get episodes when they come out, and it helps me because the gods of podcast algorithms prefer podcasts that are subscribed to.

2) Review the podcast on iTunes if you’ve got it or another medium if you don’t (or both! 😀 ). You can do that by opening iTunes on your computer (free) or phone (Apple account) and going to the podcast page. From there, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” tab, then drop a few stars and some words about yours truly. This is extremely important for the algorithm gods, too.

The more subscriptions and reviews there are, the better chance there is that this podcast will be featured in iTunes as something that’s “New and Noteworthy” – a category Noelle and I were blessed to be included in when we first started Well-Fed Women. It would be an enormous leap forward for me, and would actually mean the world to me, if I got boosted into that category.

For what it’s worth, I’m also doing a giveaway of books from my library to people who review the podcast. You can read the details at

BUT most importantly I want YOU to be happy, and am only here to service whatever needs this community and now my broader community might have. Do please keep me posted on my philosophical insta –, or facebook – if you have any ideas about what you need or want!

I am so excited to move forward with both of these endeavors big in my heart (and schedule!). Don’t worry, PfW isn’t going anywhere! We’re just building on the family and I am very happy to be taking you along with me on this momentous journey!!!

Love, Love, Love, LOVE!

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