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This week, Noelle and I discuss how to love your body. It’s a continuation from last week’s discussion, which you can listen in on here.

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[10:57] Body Image Truths
[34:33] Action Steps



1. You do not have to be a certain weight, shape or size for you to love your body.

2. You are worthy, right now – in this moment, with the body you have.

3. There is no correlation between improvements to outward appearance, and becoming more lovable.

4. Numbers that represent the physical space you occupy ARE JUST NUMBERS.

5. Happiness is not a body shape or weight.

6. You can be a variety of weights, and still be healthy.

7. You are not more or less of a person based on the foods you choose to eat. (No correlation between what you eat and your self worth or morality!)

8. No correlation between the movement you do, and your self worth.

9. Your body is always on your side, always trying to be healthy

10. The number of things your body does right outweighs everything else. It is capable of amazing things.

11. Every society has beauty standards that are wildly different from other societies. Beauty standards are arbitrary. (Sometimes incredibly unhealthy.)

12. Everyone is and can be sexy if they choose to be. But you do not need to choose to be in order to be happy.

Action Steps

1. Remove the things that make you feel bad about your body

2. Write positive statements about your body down on a sticky note, and when negative thoughts arise, replace them with positive ones.

3. Write positive statements about YOU down. Think about your values, what you stand for, who you are. Develop a strong sense of comfort and pride in your own being.

4. STOP weighing and measuring your body, right this very second, stop it stop it.

5. Do NOT forbid yourself from certain foods or have retributive thoughts, ie “I don’t deserve to eat right now.”

6. Actively practice taking off your ‘society goggles’ and appreciating both the physical and non-physical beauty of the people around you. See people for who they are and revel in it. The less you judge others, the less you judge yourself.

7. Give people compliments and support them as much as you can. Creating a community of beauty and friendship helps lessen fear of judgment for everybody.

8. Allow movement and food to be nourishing to you – eat when you are hungry, do workouts you genuinely enjoy.

9. Dress the body you have now! Throw out old clothes that aren’t serving you any more. Purchase new ones that make you feel comfortable, and confident.

10. Practice feeling confident. ‘Fake it til you make it.’

11. Practice gratitude – for your body – as well as for everything else in your life. Every day say at least one prayer or sentence of thanks.

12. SERVE. Serve something bigger than yourself. Get involved with a charity or outreach program that relates to something you are passionate about. Volunteer with girls/boys club? Volunteer at a shelter for homeless, or for victims of human trafficking. Or – volunteer with the local SPCA to take dogs outside to play or go for a walk. (This is probably both Noelle and Stefani’s favorite.)


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