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Did you know that you have to do more than just eat well to promote hormonal balance?

Of course, diet is 90% of the struggle and that struggle is REAL. But it’s also important to take a look at the products you use everyday- from cans to bottle to body care products. Sometimes hormone disrupters are hiding in everyday products.

Today we’re talking about BPA, an annoying little additive in the lining of cans, plastics and other products that can disrupt hormones like estrogen in the body.

BPA mimics estrogen and can promote estrogen dominance (read more about estrogen dominance and how to overcome it in this post), even in levels lower than what the EPA claims is safe.

In rats that are fed normal amounts of BPA, their offspring have irregular menstrual cycles and cysts on their ovaries. Basically, BPA gives rat’s babies PCOS.

It also creates learning and mood disorders in offspring.

This is not good news… and it seems as though, from the few human studies of BPA, that the effects happen to us, too.

So where does BPA hide and how do we avoid it?

Unfortunately, BPA is almost everywhere– from plastics to the linings of cans, from tupperware to some dyes. It is even found in stream waters in the US. But while we may not be able to avoid it completely, there are steps we can take to ensure that our exposure is lowered.

First of all, we can avoid all plastics from our food and water. Plastic water bottles and tupperware containers can leach BPA into food and water as they age and when heated. That’s why it is equally important to NEVER heat plastic containers in the microwave.

I like to use these glass containers when I take my lunch with me to school or work. They are all glass except for the rim which keep food and liquids safe but avoids the BPA. I bought the big set and use it to keep all my leftovers. Find them on Amazon here.

For carrying my water, even “BPA-free” bottles are a no-go, since they contain other estrogenic compounds that simply aren’t BPA.

I prefer these glass water bottles to anything else. They come with a silicon sleeve so they aren’t too slippery and I find that they hold up really nicely. They come in lots of pretty colors. Plus, there’s something satisfying about drinking from glass. You can find them here.

As far as cans go, it can be very difficult to find cans that don’t use BPA in their lining. That’s why I recommend avoiding eating canned food as much as possible.

That’s a tough prescription because so many convenient paleo foods like canned salmon, sardines, and coconut milk are available. I still eat those sometimes, but I try to get my food fresh, if possible, and for anyone struggling with hormone imbalance, especially estrogen dominance, I recommend avoiding them as much as possible.

Native Forest claims their canned coconut milk is BPA free so I choose them for my coconut milk.  You can find that here.

It’s important to note, however, that can makers are not legally permitted to disclose the presence of BPA in their products and so I recommend eating canned foods with caution. (!)



So those are a few products I like to use to help me avoid BPA!!!  Have you used any of these?  Any suggestions for other ways to avoid BPA? 

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