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Today is October 18! This is exactly 365 days from the day I first released PCOS Unlocked! It is also my own birthday — so I am swimming in celebration and contemplation and symbolism this week.

To that end, since I recently finished writing and uploading Birth Control Unlocked, I figured why not go ahead and release it on the birthday of PCOS Unlocked.  Now I get to have three birthdays this week, which might call for more tequila and dancing this weekend than I had initially prepared for.*

To that end, you can now purchase the ebook Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide here on this website, @, which is one of the pages listed in the navigation bar “Birth Control.”  The sales page not a fancy sales page. It’s not designed to entice you. It just is. Birth Control Unlocked is a map to the world of birth control, and while charting all of the territory, I also highlight the best tools you can have on your journey (for example, liver health!) of choices, wellness, fertility, and kickass womanhood.

It’s only sale now for $8.99. That might change in the coming months – I have listed its value elsewhere on the web at $14, but for now I am going to sell it for $8.99.

Below is the table of contents, and below that I have attached the introduction to the book to give you a feel for how it reads.



table of contents






Welcome to birth control unlocked! My name is Stefani Ruper, and I am the author of PCOS Unlocked: The Manual as well as the forthcoming Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Life-Long Sex Appeal and Soaring Confidence. I also write at, and I have been working in the field of women’s health for several years. Throughout those years, I have traversed the landscape of birth control options more times than I could count. I haven’t done any serious experimentation on a personal level.  Aside from a few brief forays into hormonal birth control for health reasons, I haven’t used anything other than prophylactics. I have made these choices entirely on the basis of my extraordinary depth of knowledge in the field, my allegiance to natural womanhood, and of course the particular needs of my own sexual activity (which is not, to be fair, all that great.)


If my need for serious birth control increased, I would probably re-consider my current path. But I would not share my decision with you in this format. Birth control is an entirely subjective matter and needs to be treated as such. Each of us has different psychological needs, different physiological needs, and different negotiations to make with her partner – as well as differing financial needs. I do not delve into the finances of different birth control options here, nor do I discuss any psychological factors that may go into decision making. This is a guide that focuses on the physiological implications of all of the different options available to you, so that in the context of the rest of your life (on which you are a much better resource than I), you are empowered to use the information as best you see fit.


While none of the birth control options I discuss here are 100 percent effective – none of them are – they are largely effective and supported by all the major health institutions. It is also important to note that the majority of the ineffective cases are due to human error, not to faulty product design. Faulty product design exists, again, of course, but it is far and away more important that you act realistically and choose a birth control method that fits with your psychological and logistical needs. If you can remember to take a pill every day at the same time, great. If you cannot, I highly recommend looking elsewhere to meet your birth control needs.


My knowledge of the depth and breadth of birth control practices comes from years of helping women try to optimize their health in the context of their birth control choices. To that end, I share with you a significant depth of knowledge regarding different birth control options, but perhaps more importantly, I share with you the best theories I know out there on why birth control has certain effects on women while on it and while coming off of it. Many women wrestle with significant side effects, the least of which being infertility, after coming off of the pill. Why does this happen? What organs in your body are affected by birth control? What can you do while on the pill to mitigate damage, and what can you do afterwards to regain your fertility and hormone balance as soon as possible?


I wish you all the best moving forward with this information. This guide is not meant to share everything about diet, everything about birth control, or everything about how you need to make this decision with you. It is, instead, just one tool in your pocket. It’s the one for knowing your body, knowing your options and the risks, and doing your best to be as healthy as possible no matter which option you choose.


Go to to purchase the guide for $8.99, or click the button below!


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*This is a rhetorical device. I almost never drink alcohol.

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