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Ladies! I am SO EXCITED to bring you Birth Control Unlocked: Your Body, Your Options, Your Guide. 

This is the first, and it is the only, and it is the holy crap its about damn time resource for paleo women who are looking to be on birth control, who are currently on it, or who have been on it before and are reeling with consequences.

It is a map to the world of birth control, and it shares with you all the information you need to navigate it safely and happily.

(At least I tried.)

Anyway. This book details:

All birth control options, both hormonal and non-hormonal, and details all the side effects, benefits, and risks.

The health impacts of different hormones

How to minimize the negative health effects of birth control while on it

How to recover fertility and manage symptoms when coming off of birth control

How to have happy and healthy hormone balance no matter which birth control method you choose


Birth Control Unlocked is going to be available from this website soon enough (but honestly I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it), but before that it is a part of the Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale RIGHT NOW, and I can guarantee you can get it right now, through the end of this week!  The Harvest Your Health sale is, legitimately, the biggest bundle sale that has ever hit the natural health world. 71 ebooks. 3 magazine subscriptions. 14 fitness plans.  (Check it out at

The value? A whopping $1037.

The price we pay? $37.

That’s 44 cents a piece.

So anyway.  Birth Control Unlocked, which is probably retail at the outside somewhere around 10 dollars, is going to be a part of this 37 dollar package with a bajillion other sweet books.  Not too horrible a deal, IMHO.

Plus, don’t forget: if you haven’t yet heard: if you purchase the bundle through me, email me at, and I will send you a half off discount code for PCOS Unlocked, too.  Seriously.

In the meantime, Click here the download the table of contents or view below:

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birth control unlocked

Again, for more on the bundle and getting this book through this ridiculous sale, click here: or the button below.

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