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Hi friends!  I’m back again with another “This Week in Paleo”.

In this post, we are talking about THE GUT.

The gut has been an important topic in recent times in the paleo community, because the gut LITERALLY impacts everything in the body and is deeply connected to health. 

Why? Because when the gut is unhealthy, it’s weak.

When it’s weak, it let’s stuff that should otherwise be excreted as poop instead be absorbed into the bloodstream.

I don’t want to scare you, but this is a BIG DEAL.

Ever heard of leaky gut? Leaky gut is a medically recognized condition called intestinal permeability, and it happens when the intestines allow tiny pieces of it to slip past the gut’s mucus barrier and pass into the bloodstream. When the particles get into the blood, the body (rightly!) recognizes them as invaders and attacks.

This causes widespread inflammation…. which is a precursor to all kinds of health issues, including the whole class of 200 autoimmune diseases.

So what do do in order to keep my gut as healthy as possible?

This week’s TWIP is all about sharing with you gut-healing secrets from my own life.

Eat good food!

The first and best thing to do about your intestinal health is to eat good food!  This is my favorite way to protect my gut! Eating is SO FUN.

A healthy gut diet is one that eliminates commonly intolerable foods like wheat and dairy. My books Sexy By Nature (on Amazon) and Weight Loss Unlocked (if you’re looking to lose weight healthfully) detail cover an anti-inflammatory and healing diet that will help you with this.

The book Practical Paleo also has a protocol for gut healing.

Get good gut bugs!

The second thing I like to do is support my gut health with probiotics and soothing foods. Probiotics (here’s one of my faves on Amazon) help build up your body’s supply of good bacteria, thereby helping it to digest those invaders when they do happen to come down the intestinal tract from time to time. Fermented foods like raw sauerkraut and kombucha tea are great for this. Here is a link to my favorite fermented foods.

This is an AMAZING book on fermenting your own foods at home. I also like taking this probiotic as a supplement.

Try collagen!

Soothing foods can also help support the digestive tract and relieve some of the issues caused by consuming foods you can’t handle.

Foods that contain collagen (a type of connective tissue found in animals) can be incredibly healing. Bone broth and gelatin in particular can be very helpful for this.

Bone broth is made by cooking down animal bones into a soup or stock. It will naturally contain a great dose of collagen and is the most non-processed way to get it.

Consider supplementing

However, if, like me you don’t have time to make bone broth (who am I kidding, I really just don’t cook!) then you can add a gelatin or collagen supplement to your life.

Great Lakes brand sells an awesome gelatin and collagen. The gelatin (in the red can) can be used to make some REALLY delicious gummies. It gels up just like your mom’s jell-o. The collagen (green can) won’t gel, but it does mix very nicely into beverages and has little to no taste.

Changing up your diet and adding some of these healing foods will help your intestinal health immensely. And did you know that the majority of our immune system resides in our gut? That’s a pretty important reason to take care and support it.

Finally –

If you’re interested in a specific protocol to help with your leaky gut, this is an AMAZING resource. It’s a program specifically designed for those who suffer from leaky gut syndrome and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

I haven’t done this program myself but I did take the intial seminars, and I love love love the guys who run this.

So that’s a wrap for this week’s TWIP!

What do you guys think? Have you used healing foods to support your gut?


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