You’re a busy person, with a lot on your plate.

You’ve probably got work, or school, or kids, or all three!

And you’ve decided to eat home-cooked, wholesome food to help with your health.

Maybe you have hormonal conditions, or an autoimmune disease, maybe you want to lose weight, or clear up acne, or lower cholesterol.

No matter what the situation is that helped you decide to eat a paleo diet, the stresses of modern life effect us all.

I don’t care how much time I have on my hands.  I just do NOT want to make my own mayonnaise. 

Or ranch. 

Or ketchup. 

Or barbecue sauce. 

Whatever it is, I’ve basically got time to make my main dish and vegetable, and zero time to get fancy making condiments.

But condiments are what make food worth eating sometimes. 

I mean, a delicious ranch sauce on a chicken salad, or mayonnaise on a burger.

There’s nothing quite like it.

That’s why I’m so glad that things are changing.  It is now possible to buy great sauces and condiments online, in paleo form, made with healthy oils and ingredients, so I can sauce it up guilt-free. 

And out of the dozens of wonderful options out there, these are a few of the new favorites from Primal Kitchen I think you just gotta have in your pantry.

Primal Kitchen Mayo

This is the original, the best and the most important condiment I always keep on hand.
Store-bought mayo is made with the nastiest of the nasty ingredients- even the “olive oil” kind is usually loaded up with soybean oil or some other kind of Omega 6 rancid disaster oil.  

Mayo is eggs and fat at its core, so it’s also super strange that the store bought stuff seems to last practically forever.

And mayo is something I use in a LOT of dishes.

Primal kitchen makes theirs with delicious avocado oil.  I love the flavor MUCH more than mayo I’ve made at home with olive oil (which can come out bitter if you use EVOO), it has a definite traditional mayonnaise taste.

It’s super easy to get this stuff quickly thanks to the magic of Amazon.  Find avocado oil mayonnaise here.

Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo

What’s better than regular mayo?

Ummm…chipotle mayo!

This stuff is to-die-for good and makes Mexican dishes quick and easy.  It spices things up like nothing else and it’s also made from the same healthy avocado oil that the other Primal Kitchen Mayo is made from.

It’s a must-have condiment in my kitchen.  Find it here.

Primal Kitchen Ranch

When I first went paleo, I sometimes had the thought, “what is life without ranch?”

Memories of chicken nuggets, pizza, wings, and french fries dipped in the stuff swam through my head.

And, of course, it’s the best salad dressing!

But my ranch days were long behind me when I discovered Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing. 

This was missing from paleo eating for TOO LONG and thank GOODNESS Primal Kitchen makes a healthy version. 

The options with ranch dressing are endless and not limited to lettuce covering.

I bake it in casseroles, slather it on meat, and just generally do everything short of drinking it out of the bottle.

Yum.  Find Primal Kitchen Ranch here. 

Primal Kitchen Greek

Like Greek dressing?

Me too.

And I missed it quite a bit.

I eat a LOT of salads on this paleo diet.  And olive oil/balsamic vinegar gets OLD. 

So the introduction of greek dressing back into my diet was a true variety maker!  

It’s delish!  Find it here.

Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard

Okay, so honey mustard isn’t the hardest thing in the world to make.

It’s just honey and mustard, right?

But the whole ratio thing is bothersome and having it in a bottle means its ready to go for meats and salads, quickly and easily. 

You can trust this honey mustard to be made from organic ingredients that taste delicious.

I’m a huge fan.  Find Primal Kitchen Honey Mustard on Amazon here. 

What are your go to condiments?  What do you choose to make and what do you choose to buy?

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