At AHS 2012 (holy time flying that was more than two years ago now) I had the most perfect 30 second exchange of my entire life with Mark Sisson.

We were in complete agreement: the health industry, we said, was headed toward a major shift in focus. No longer will we need to worry so much about what to eat. We know that already. What we need to do is learn how to eat those foods. America’s problem with food isn’t knowledge — it’s loyalty.

We said all of these things exchanging about twenty-two words and fifty head nods apiece. I can’t remember how we did it.

In any case, I recently gave a talk (and quite an awesome one, if I do so say myself) describing my ten favorite tips for how to be loyal to a healthy diet. For those of you who have read this blog for a while now or who have read Sexy by Naturesome of the themes will definitely be familiar to you.

I argue, for example, that “the most important tool in any dieter’s toolkit is love.” I ask that you be partners with your body. I espouse on the virtues of self-love for several minutes. But some of them are most likely not all that familiar, and I manage to fill in explicit details and observations I’ve made in my consulting practice and in my own life that end up making it fairly entertaining.

Here’s part of the list of the ten ideas I propose:

  1. Know What You’re Up Against

    (Arming yourself with knowledge about the poison being peddled to you helps you make smart choices. Perhaps even more important, it gives you the indignance you need to help you say no.)

  2. Make Cooking Easy

    (Wherein I provide approximately 600 tips for turning your culinary life into a breeze. My personal solution is to do 90% of my cooking in the microwave. I know that’s not for everybody.)

  3. Keep Healthy Food on Hand

    (Wherein I talk about snacks, travel, work, and excuses.)

  4. Make Healthy Food the Choice, Not the Rule

    (Unless you’ve got an autoimmune disease, diets are guidelines, not rules. Forbidding foods = unhappiness.)

  5. Love Your Body and Yourself

    (“Change is not always easy. Yet the more you love yourself, the less willpower it requires. Love makes you want instead of feel like you have to eat healthfully.”)

  6. Never Punish Yourself for What You’ve Eaten

    (Wherein I get real about acceptance.)


…and more.  (I’m simply not sharing all of them and in full because I’m pretty sure there are copyright issues involved.)


Read the full list of tips, watch a trailer of the video, and watch the complete 30 minute video at the Entheos Academy for Optimal Living here.

If you haven’t read any of my books, you totally should!  Sexy by Nature is, of course, my bestseller on all things women’s health and will give you a detailed view of how I feel about ALL THE THINGS.  Weight Loss Unlocked is for those of you looking for a healthy and sustainable weight loss path.  PCOS Unlocked is for my ladies with PCOS and will help you discover your unique cause and ways to treat your PCOS.  And Birth Control Unlocked will give it to you straight about the best forms of birth control!


While we’re at it, I may as well tell you about what a stellar, life-changing business the Academy for Optimal Living is. (At least in my experience.) It’s basically like Netflix for your brain and your soul. You sign up (there’s a good-length free trial)-and receive access to hundreds of classes on topics ranging from the proper interpretation of Nietzsche to how to fuel your body as a triathlete. Their tagline is “optimize your life. change the world.” Awesome, I know, and I am so honored and grateful to be considered a “Professor” (alongside people like Abel James and JJ Virgin) and a “thought leader in the field of women’s health” by these giants of wisdom, and even happier to be able to take their classes.




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